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Lieutenant Korin Andrews, MD

Name Korin Andrews, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Korin is shorter than a lot of human males with an athletic build. His blue eyes are his favorite feature.


Father Dr. James Andrews
Mother Celina Andrews
Brother(s) Commander Michael Andrews - USS Mexico - Executive Officer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Korin is a very dedicated and intelligent young Star Fleet officer. He is very shy at first, but once you get to know him he is a very great friend. Korin tends to fall for guy's that pay him any attention quickly.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligent
+Exceptional emergency medicine physician
+Top rated trauma surgeon
+Secondary training in combat

-Shy (but it's getting better)
-Weak at engineering issues
-Fall's in love too quickly
-Poor pilot
Ambitions Korin would like to go through command training and command a hospital ship. He also strives to keep up with the latest medical procedures and technologies.
Hobbies & Interests Expanding his medical knowledge.
Running/Swimming/Working out to stay in shape.

Personal History Korin was born into a typical family of the year 2361. His parents both had careers and a child before him, his brother Michael. His father was a private physician in Little Rock, Arkansas and his mother a teacher. Growing up in the Andrews household was pretty typical, the children were pretty spoiled and had everything they could ever need.
Both the boy's went to a private school and did very well all through school. On Korin's fifteenth birthday he decided to come out to his friends at school. Much to his surprise they accepted him and continued to be his friends. The following day before family birthday dinner he told his brother. Michael just smiled and punched him in the arm and told him he already knew and he didn't care. That same evening at dinner Korin decided to tell his parents, his mom just smiled and his dad told him they were not going to talk about it.

A year after coming out Korin started dating one of his school mates. He and Jacob dated all through high school. Jacob comforted Korin when his brother went off to the academy.

After graduating high school both Jacob and Korin decided to attend Starfleet academy and where accepted. Both had decided to go into Security and Tactical. Just three months into training Korin decided to surprise Jacob and show up at his dorm room and bring him flowers. When his knock was answered a young woman answered the door. Jacob was cheating on him with one of their classmates. This broke Korin's heart, it hurt him so bad he even decided to change his course of study and went into the medical program.

It took a few months to get over what had happened and only because Korin did nothing but study. He was passing his classes with flying colors and was loving every second of what he was learning. He saw what had happened as a blessing.

Korin even went as far as becoming friends with Jacob and his girlfriend the last year at the academy. Jacob and Korin both graduated with great scores, Korin in the top five percent of his class and a strong score in ground combat and tactics. They were all separated and sent to their first assignments.

Korin was a medical officer aboard the USS Arkansas and served aboard the ship for the next two years before he was transferred to a hospital ship the USS Charles Drew. This was a life changing experience for him, it showed him how important his role on a starship was. He would advance in his three years aboard the Drew as the crew had nick named her to Assistant Chief Medical Officer. The Medical team aboard the Drew had seen many medical emergencies, but was destroyed when trying to rescue the crew of a supply vessel and when it exploded it damaged the Drew and the crew was forced to abandon ship.

Starfleet decided to reassign all officers from the Arkansas except a select few. Korin was one of the officers to receive a re-assignment and was assigned to the USS Shepherd as Chief Medical Officer. Korin would serve aboard the Shepherd for sometime and receive a promotion to full Lieutenant.

Doctor Andrews was reassigned due to his high marks while serving on his previous ship, to the USS Lantau. The ship and her crew would venture into the Delta Quadrant and face new and exciting adventures.
Service Record 2379-2383 Starfleet Medical Academy
2383-2385 USS Arkansas - Medical Officer
2385-2386 USS Charles Drew - Medical Officer
2386-2388 USS Charles Drew - Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2388-2390 USS Arkansas - Chief Medical Officer
2390-2392 Starbase 142 - Chief Medical Officer
2392-2392 USS Shepherd - Chief Medical Officer
2392-Present USS Lantau - Chief Medical Officer

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