U.S.S. Lantau

Commander Christine Michaels

Name Christine Michaels

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description She is an air of energy about her, even when she is standing still. When she walks, her manner is that of someone who is going to knock down anyone who gets in her way.

Given her above-average stature and her personality, she uses her height to her advantage, towering over people and getting in their personal space.

And then there are her eyes. She looks at everything with laserlike focus, and seasoned veterans have been known to squirm under her gaze.

It is also almost impossible for her to sit still. She will either drum her fingers, tap her thigh, tap her foot, anything to burn off the excess energy she always seems to have.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Admiral Adam Michaels (retired)
Mother Helen Michaels (deceased)
Brother(s) Andrew (artist)
Brad (doctor)
Sister(s) Danielle (teacher)
Other Family Julie (sister-in-law, Brad's wife)
Geoffrey (nephew)
Catherine (niece)
Nancy (Danielle's wife)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A broken woman hiding behind a facade of strength as she tries to fix herself. In moments of stress, she is a rock, but it is the quiet moments she has trouble handling.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS

She has the courage to take risks and the will to follow them through. She speaks her mind, giving her honest unvarnished opinion rather than dancing around difficult subjects. She expects nothing but the best from her subordinates and even moreso from herself.


Her risk-taking can be seen as recklessness, her strong will can be seen as stubbornness, her plain speech can ruffle a lot of feathers and her high standards can be seen as unrealistic.

She is quite self-absorbed, thinking almost everything that happens has something to do with her.

And she is not very good with kids.
Ambitions To command a starship.
Hobbies & Interests When she is off-duty, she likes to play poker, the higher the stakes the better. When she can't find a game-or worthy opponents-she can be found on the holodeck, running combat simulations with the safety settings at the bare minimum.

Personal History Even as a child, Christine Michaels showed her drive and determination. Born a month premature and able to walk by the time she was nine months old, her father liked to joke that she was too impatient to start making her way in the world.

And then there was her daring. She routinely tried—and often succeeded—things that made other kids think she was crazy. On the rare times she failed, she picked herself up, dusted herself off and then tried again until she did succeed.

With her courage, determination and drive, it was apparent she was going to go far in life, but she had no idea what to do until the day she and her class took a field trip to Starfleet Headquarters. The idea of being out there, being the first to discover something new and participate in all sorts of adventures, took hold of her.

The very next day she started preparing herself to attend Starfleet Academy and she got in on an early admission. She graduated in three years, mostly due to her not taking summer off and taking a course load greater than that of most other cadets.

If anyone was betting that an Academy star like her was going to fold once she got out into the real world of space exploration, they would have been wrong. She served everywhere with distinction, getting promoted ahead of her peers and culminating in making captain by the time she was 35, just a few months behind another well-known Starfleet captain.

And then it all fell apart.

Just a few months into her first command, her ship disappeared. Nothing was found despite an extensive month-long search, so it was assumed that some sort of accident happened and the ship was destroyed with all hands aboard.

Five months later her ship was found on the opposite end of the galaxy with all of its crewmembers dead—neatly stored in one of the cargo bays—except for her.

A thorough investigation was conducted, but it only raised more questions. No cause of death could be found for any of her crew, and intense interrogation of her revealed she had no memory of the missing time. Telepathic scans by a Betazoid and a mind meld by a Vulcan were equally futile.

With no evidence of wrongdoing on her part, she could not be court martialed, but with no evidence to exonerate her she could not get another ship, so she was given a desk job at Starfleet Headquarters.

The time behind a desk was torture for her. She knew she was meant for command, not riding a desk, much like the other famous captain she had been compared to and so she did the unthinkable.

She retreated.

She went to the head of Starfleet Personnel and requested a demotion to commander on the condition she be assigned as the first officer of a ship. This was something Starfleet was willing to do, and now she finds herself back where she belongs, ready to get her career back on track.
Service Record 2373 - 2376: Attends Starfleet Academy, graduating as salutatorian

2376 - 2379: Assigned to USS Intrepid

2379 - 2382: Promoted to Lieutenant JG, assigned to USS Saratoga

2382 - 2385: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to USS Trafalgar

2385 - 2388: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned to USS Prometheus

2388 - 2391: Promoted to Commander, assigned to USS Endeavor

2391 - 2392: Promoted to Captain, assigned to USS Icarus

2392: Demoted to Commander, assigned to USS Makalu

Seeing the Sawbones.
Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am
Stardate 69608.54

Location: En-Route to "The Dead Zone"
Speed: Impulse -> Warp 3
Shields: 100%
Hull: 100%
Systems: 100%