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Lieutenant MuRiel

Name MuRiel

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Qwi
Age 12

Physical Appearance

Height 8" / 5'11"
Weight 700 gr / 225 kg
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description A fairly typical female Qwi, MuRiel stands eight inches tall, though her total body length is closer to ten. She is covered in short, silver fur with deep purple markings and posesses a long, prehensile tail with a large tuft of purple on the end. Strong, relatively large hind legs, thin and agile arms, a crest on her head and large, golden eyes complete her look. She weighs just shy of 25 ounces.

Her mech is a 5'11", humanoid shaped unit clad in silver plating with markings in purple. It has a rounded, feminine, humanoid form. The unit weighs just under 500 pound. This unarmed and unarmored unit is equipped with a highly advanced sensor suite, subspace communication suite, a spotlight, magnetic soles, a winch and small thrusters for limited zero-g function. The onboard life support allows the unit to operate in the vacuum of space for several hours.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father GaViro
Mother MuGeal
Brother(s) MuKota
Sister(s) MuNoim

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kindhearted and soft spoken, with an immutable drive for greater knowledge and scientific understanding.

Though a dependable officer she can be somewhat scatterbrained from time to time. This, she explains, is because the universe sometimes can't keep up with her brain.
Strengths & Weaknesses Industrious, eager, curious and intelligent, but greatly limited by her small size. Existing in a world of giants, operating regular sized equipment is never-ending challenge. Also due to her small size, her voice does not carry as much as that of a humanoid. Finally, she has some trouble using a standard console touch interface. To this end, she has programmed her standard consoles to shrink the interface to 1/4 normal size whenever she logs in.

Her mech is sturdy and strong, though as a civilian / science unit it is built for precision rather than the speed of a sporting unit or the armor and power of a military one. Though programmed to allow MuRiel to perform most daily tasks without additional effort, any new situation she encounters will require her to adjust the suit's programming on the fly.
Ambitions To establish her people, to make the Qwi a respected race in the Federation.

To discover something unique, that will forever carry her name.
Hobbies & Interests MuRiel enjoys science and engineering of any kind and is always eager to learn. She can spend hours reading technical documents of scientific journals.

Outside that she enjoys tinkering with and optimizing her mech suit.

Finally, she is a fan of sappy romance holo-movies and swashbuckling adventures.

Personal History On Qwi:

Qwinar is a small but dense, class M world in the Goran system, on the outskirts of the Beta quadrant. Nominal gravity is 1.32 times earth standard. Its atmosphere consists of 75% nitrogen, 16% oxygen, 8% argon and 1% other. 40% of the planet is water, with roughly half of the remaining surface covered in forest, with tundra covering most of the rest.

The dominant life form on Qwinar is the Qwi, a small form of rodentia possessing human-level intelligence. This is possible in their small forms because of the evolution of high density micro-synapses.

These Qwi are a herbivorous people, living in large, underground networks of burrows, called the 'nest'. These burrows house a family, and are a combination of natural underground features and artificial tunnels dug by the Qwi. They range from small transfer tunnels to sprawling underground complexes with schools, malls and factories.

They are a matriarchal race, with the female Qwi growing slightly larger and stronger than the male Qwi, and most positions of authority taken up by females. They are not a very long-lived race, reaching maturity by the age of five federation standard years and reaching an average thirty federation standard years, though they consider twentyfive 'retirement age'.

A word on Qwi naming conventions: A Qwi name consists of three syllables, the first being the family name, the other two being the given name. Females are given a name with two vowels between two consonants, male names start with a consonant, followed by a vowel, another consonant and another vowel. The family and personal part of a Qwi name is both capitalized, though they are part of the complete name and neither part should be omitted. To a Qwi, omitting the personal part of the name is rude, and omitting the family part of the name is something only their closest friends are allowed.

On the Mu family:

One family of note on Qwinar is the Mu family, led by matriarch MuGeal. The founders and owners of the Mu mecha company, a design and manufacture bureau that specializes in Qwi-piloted mech suits of various shapes and sizes. These mech suits are used for construction, exploration, rescue, space travel and many other applications.

On MuRiel:

The middle daughter of MuGeal and her hivemate GaViro, young MuRiel grew up in the family nest, spending most of her youth amidst the designers of her family's mech design bureau. She was fascinated by the technologies that made such magnificent machines work. When she came of age she elected to leave Qwinar to see more and learn more.

This led her to Earth, where she applied for Starfleet academy. At first she encountered resistance and was denied access, on grounds that because of her stature, she wouldn't be able to operate standard sized equipment nor participate in hand-to-hand or weapons training.

However, as the Federation has always prided itself on racial equality, they eventually relented and by way of experiment allowed MuRiel to enlist, with the caveat that she choose a major that nominally did not involve combat. This limited her to Operations, Flight control, Engineering, Medical or Science.

Torn between Science and Engineering, the young Qwi chose Science, believing that that would sate her thirst for knowledge and learning more than Engineering would. Though her years at the academy were filled with challenges to overcome, eventually she graduated in the 75th percentile of her class.

By way of graduation gift, MuGeal presented her daughter with a prototype P-2501 humanoid mech design tailormade for MuRiel, painted in MuRiel's fur colors.

Seeing the Sawbones.
Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am
Stardate 69608.54

Location: En-Route to "The Dead Zone"
Speed: Impulse -> Warp 3
Shields: 100%
Hull: 100%
Systems: 100%