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Lieutenant Debbie Larson

Name Debbie Larson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Chest length blond
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Despite being 25 Debbie looks like she is barely in her late teens and her extremely thin figure has lead many to believe she is very underweight but she isn't and her very healthy appetite keeps her that way. When on duty her long blond hair is usually tied up into one long ponytail and her uniform is always clean and presentable.

Off duty she lets her hair down and prefers more girly outfits. dresses, skirts and on occasion high heels.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Mark Larson - Owner of the Larson mining company
Mother Anise Larson - Housewife
Other Family Assorted aunties and uncles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Debbie is a girly girl, always cheerful and up for a laugh
While on duty her cheerful attitude is tempered due to her responsibilities and she becomes a stoic hard worker
Strengths & Weaknesses Talks to herself when she is working and especially when she's asleep
Can sometimes come across as a little too friendly
Sometimes can't focus on just one job at a time
Very athletic and nimble
Ambitions To eventually work her way up to being the chief engineer on the newest class of ship starfleet has at the time.

Failing that she wants to be responsible for inventing a new and important piece of technology.

To break the stigma that nerds can't be beautiful and sexy and aren't often social outcasts.
Hobbies & Interests Debbie is a tinkerer, she loves taking things apart figuring out how they work and trying to improve them. But she has a habit of starting tinkering with one thing then starting another.

When not off tinkering Debbie loves swimming both in a pool and the ocean. She has won several awards both in civillian and fleet swimming contests.

Personal History Born to Mark and Anise Larson on the mining world of Drusilla 3. Debbie was born into a life was was going to be hard work almost right from the beginning, her father as Ceo of one of the worlds many mining companies was often not home and she was mostly raised by her mother who was primarily a houswife.

Growing up Debbie was put through a private school paid for by her father and after graduating she was put through a college course specialising in buisiness, he hoped that she would evetually, after her brother run his company.

Debbie had other ideas though, over the years she had mostly self taught herself with a little help from her mother as much about engineering, warp theory and application as she could possibly get her hands on and when she was 18 she told her family that she wanted to see the world and work on more advanced technology than the tried and tested technology used in the mines so she had decided to attempt to join starfleet. Her father wasn't happy with it initially but after her mother had a long discussion with him he returned and gave her his blessing.

Fleet history

Graduating in the top 25% of her class Debbie was assigned as an engineering officer to the Excelsior class USS Algiers not the most technologically advanced ship she wanted but she couldn't be picky now she had superiors to answer to. She served on the Algiers for 2 years, her familiarity with the tried and tested technology that the class used paid off and she became an excellent engineer often being ran ragged trying to keep the old girl purring along nicely, she developed an almost incessent need to tinker with whatever technology she could get her hands on .

After a little over a years and a halfs service and with a glowing recommendation from her chief Debbie was promoted to Ltjg. Later that year she received orders reassigning her to the Akira class USS Charleston, transfer orders that were heavily refuted by her Co who wanted to keep the brilliant engineer all to himself, but eventually he relented.

Debbie served on the Charleston for a little over a year gradually working her way up to a promotion to assistant chief engineer.

Then one day out of the blue she was offered a new position; chief engineer of the USS Makalu. She wasn't given much time to decide so after very little thinking she accepted and the next day she shipped off to the base at Cestus III.

After a short service on the Makalu the crew found themselves reassigned to a new ship the USS Lantau
Service Record 2385 Entered starfleet academy

2389 Graduated academy and assigned to USS Algiers as engineering officer

2390 Promoted to Ltjg

2391 Reassigned to USS Charleston as engineering officer eventually promoted to Asst chief engineer

2392 Offered and took a transfer to USS Makalu as Chief engineer.

date tbd: Majority of Makalu crew reassigned to USS Lantau