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Personal Log Lt. Paul Sharpe

Posted on Thu Jul 27, 2017 @ 11:32am by Lieutenant Paul Sharpe


- Sharpe's Quarters - USS Lantau -

Paul had not long met the new First Officer after his interesting chat with him he had gotten settled into his quarters and decided to do his first Personal log, he figured that it was time.

"Personal Log, Paul Sharpe, I have been aboard the Lantau for the past week and during that time I took a self-tour of the ship and I have to say that it is an impressive size, much bigger than the Nimitz and even more so than the Makalu. Still, I think it is going to be very interesting as we are going to the Borg Collective's playground, from what I read of the species there I hope we are all up to the task of coping with things, my main cause for concern is the Kazon and Hirogen. I have apathy about the Vidian's too, something about harvesting another's skin or parts to combat this Phage is disturbing to me even though I have sympathy for their plight. Computer pause log."

He stood up and walked over to the replicator and replicated him a cup of tea and retook his seat, before continuing "un pause"

"Apart from the usual lineup of species I have me a feeling that other species the Voyager had not met will be around, I have read reports on these Benthan's, while their policing is strange I have to admire them for taking up the mantle, even if it is presumptuous, nothing is said about how they came to police the DQ, were they asked by the species int he area or are they self-appointed, I suppose we may never know, hoping we find out at some point though. Another disturbing fact about the known DQ species is how little the friendly ones that we know about and the ones we do are not powerful enough to help out in a large way."


"I suspect my Security duties will be more difficult, but not as much as the Captain's or First Officers I'll wager especially if we meet the Voth, it amazes me how insecure they must feel to lie to their people on where their origins lie, on the aspect of history it is amazing that a smart Dinosaur species was spirited away from earth before the KT event to a planet where they could evolve into a bipedal species. It seems that even though human's and Voth share the same ancestry, evolution has dictated that the Voth should evolve into humanoid forms from reptilian, then again one only has to reference the Xindi Reptilian species on evolution, I suspect it is inevitable that any species evolving on an earth-like planet would evolve into humanoid form while keeping some of the characteristics of where their people came from."

Drinking his tea as he marvels at evolution.

"Still their instance on adhering to this scripture is alarming, it is as if they are ashamed of where their ancestors originated, but could it be their elders fear that they will lose power if they accepted the truth! So glad I am no diplomat" Sharpe paused to finish his tea and replace it in the reclimator. Then as he returned this time to his desk.

"Also had me an interesting meeting with the new First Officer earlier today, he seems a little too like a cardboard cutout as in stiff, I can understand the chain of command, but the guy needs to learn different tones when he speaks, it is a frightening thing to hear someones tone and realise that when I use that tone, regardless of the words it always upsets me, now I know what it is like for my superiors when I do it, sobering thought is that, but apart from having a thin skin and being quick to anger, he has potential to be a good First Officer.

Moving onto my girlfriend Alexandria Somers, last I heard she is a Company Commander on Starbase 332 under another Major, I hope she is happy as she always seemed glum in her communications to me when she was MCO at the Gaia Colony, which had to be evacuated as its Commanding Officer vanished, weird *sighs* well not much else to say but I feel that our mettle will be tested in the Delta Quadrant, computer End Log, save it to database and code it under my biometric and voice print code" Sharpe finished and opened up a communications file on his laptop and began to record a message to Alex on Starbase 332.



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