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Captain's Log 1.0: Changes

Posted on Sat Jul 29, 2017 @ 2:45am by Captain Evelynn Haught
Edited on Sat Jul 29, 2017 @ 2:46am

Upon our arrival at the Antares III shipyard I recieved a communique from Admiral Harper. She informed me that I was to be relieved of duty aboard the Makalu. To be honest I was mortified. To be given a command of my own and to be asked to succeed an old friend as a ships Commanding Officer and then to be relieved of duty on that same ship?! What was Starfleet thinking?

Anyway, Admiral Harper also informed me that alsong with being reieved of duty as the Commanding Officer of the Makalu I was to assume command of the USS Lantau, a Century class vessel that had just been completed and ready for its first mission.

Starfleets orders from the Makalu are still the same. Make our way to the Delta Quadrant and assist Task Force 37. Assist them with what I do not know and that is what has me somewhat worried. I do not like going into a mission blind but I am told that Captain Thompson has the mission orders.

I've also been informed that Commander Micheals has been reassigned. I know that she wanted to prove herself and hopefully she will be able to be back in the Command chair once again.

:End Log:


This personal Log was writen by

Captain Evelynn Haught
USS Lantau


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