The Last Personal Log for the Lantau

Posted on Wed Aug 16, 2017 @ 8:29am by Lieutenant Paul Sharpe


- Sharpe's Quarters - USS Lantau -

Paul was gathering the last of his stuff from his room, he had not long returned from speaking to Captain Haught

"Personal Log, my final one aboard the Lantau, I have just come from seeing the Captain, she seemed a little surprised by my resignation, but agreed with me when I mentioned that Starfleet Security had granted me leave, she is/was my Commanding Officer so it was only right that I speak to her. Also, my two departing surprises seemed to have taken her aback a little, still I hope she can use the Scotch, if not for personal consumption, then to trade out in the Delta Quadrant, Computer pause recording."

He paused as he finished zipping up his kitbag and took one last tour around the quarters, making sure he had everything that was his had been packed, as he looked around he realised that he had not been on the ship long enough to form any good memories oO A good ship Oo he thought as he touched the wall and gently rubbed up and down "you look after this crew young lady, they are going to need your strength out in the Delta Quadrant" he said talking to the ship.

"Dang! talk about sentimental" he exclaimed "Computer continue recording," he said.

"Final personal thoughts on the two Senior Officers, I found Captain Haught to be fair minded and decent, she seems to be a good Commander, but I am only going by first impressions, have not served with her long, I cannot go into assessments any further, but something tells me she will do right by this ship and crew. Now the First Officer, he needs to remove that ramrod he has, his need for strict rules will not serve him well in the Delta Quadrant. Not if the reports I have ready made by then Lieutenant Commander Tuvok are anything to go by. A Vulcan has more humour than he does, despite this assessment being from a personal interaction with him, my test of him told me that the raw material for a damn good First Officer was there, he was a little short around the edges, I am sure they will smooth out over time, after all, it is his first time as First Officer and despite my view I wish him well."


- Docking Ring -

"As for the rest of the crew, those who I have had personal interaction with, they are a good bunch and will methinks adapt to life out on the frontier, I have not had chance to bid them farewell, but I did send them a general farewell note" He pauses as he transferred his log to a Data Padd as he picked up his two carry-on bags and left his quarters, as he headed for the umbilical walkway to the station he finished his Personal Log.

"Personally not having met me the new Chief Of Security, I can only hope he will be able to cope, if not for my Aunt and Uncle passing away I would still be Chief of Security and going to the Delta Quadrant with the crew. Personal honour had me resign my post on the Lantau to give the Captain time to find herself a replacement for me so she had one in place when the Lantau left the Starbase, now I got to wait for my transport to finish docking, then I will be on my way back to earth; Computer end log" Sharpe said and saved the log on his Padd and sent a copy to the ships databanks and then putting the Padd in one of the bags he headed for the dock where his transport would be waiting for him.