U.S.S. Lantau
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Avoiding Sickbay No longer

Posted on Sat Aug 5, 2017 @ 12:38am by Captain Evelynn Haught & Lieutenant Korin Andrews, MD

Mission: Delta Quadrant Transition
Location: Main Sickbay

Continuing her tour of the new Century Class ship Evelyyn decided to stop by Sickbay and check out what the new sickbay looked like.

Arriving outside the doors she activated the motion sensors and walked in. Looking around Evelynn saw some technicians working. Sickbay had always made her somewhat comfortable but she would never say that to anyone.

Korin was shoulders deep in a supply closet, making sure the staff would have everything they needed. "Why do they never stock those?" the doctor asked out loud before stepping away from the closet and typing another supply the sickbay would need into a PADD.

As he was making his way toward his office, he caught a woman in red standing in sickbay. While approaching his superior officer he offered a smile "How may I help you Captain?"

"I was on my own self guided tour of the ship and figured I would stop by and take a look at sickbay and get my physical out of the way." she said mumbling under her breath that last part about the physical. As a former doctor herself she knew physicals were a pain to have done and to get the Captain's to obtain them.

A smile came across the Lieutenants face "If you will have a seat on bio bed one ma'am." As the two of them made their way further into sickbay Andrews made his way to a small shelf and took a tricorder.

Evelynn walked over and sat down on the biobed. "I understand you just transferred aboard Doctor. I recieved your orders but wasn't expecting you until tomorrow morning."

"I wanted to get sickbay sorted and have a full report ready before our meeting" the Lieutenant said as he started his scans of his superior officer "I hope that is okay, ma'am?" he asked glancing up with a half smile.

"Oh its perfectly fine." she said hopping up on the biobed. "We can simply kill two birds with one stone. Since I'm already here you can consider yourself reporting on board."

"Thank you Captain" Doctor Andrews said with a smile. "I'll just take some quick scans" he said holding up the tricorder and flipping it open. "Nothing bothering you lately ma'am?" he asked just making small talk about her health and making sure she was feeling well.

"Nope. Healthy as an Rigalian Ox." said the captain. She knew full well that the doctor would make that determination but she knew her own body and didn't really feel anything out of the ordinary.

Andrews gave a quick nod "I see" he said with a crooked smile on his face. "I'm pretty happy with the facilities here on the ship and can't wait to get underway" Korin was excited to see what their first mission would include.

"Me too Doc. Me too. Anything else?" she asked getting somewhat antsy and wanting to continue her self guided tour.

"No ma'am that will be all" Andrews said with a smile and offered his superior officer a hand to help her off the bio bed.

Taking the offered hand Evelynn slide gently off the bed. "Let me know if you have everything or need something before our departure."

"Yes ma'am, will do" he said escorting the CO to the door of the sickbay.

Exiting sickbayhi and while Evelynn was in the area she figured her next stop would be the Science Labs.


This post was written by:

Captain Evelynn Haught

Lt. Korin Andrews, MD



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Seeing the Sawbones.
Posted on Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am
Stardate 69608.54

Location: En-Route to "The Dead Zone"
Speed: Impulse -> Warp 3
Shields: 100%
Hull: 100%
Systems: 100%