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Seeing the Sawbones.

Posted on Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant JG Freeda Howards

Mission: Delta Quadrant Transition
Location: Sickbay, USS Lantau
Timeline: Current

Things had been pretty hectic right from the word go when Kevin had first stepped foot on board the USS Lantau. He'd met with the Captain, the Chief Engineer and Security Chief, and now he was headed to Sickbay for a double dunter....meeting with the CMO to find out how things were in their department, and also to have his physical.

He'd meant to call ahead when he'd first arrived on the ship to book a time to have it done, but time and duty had transpired against him, so he wondered if he could kill two birds with one stone whilst he was there.

The doors to Sickbay opened and Kevin walked into the most sterile looking area he'd ever been in. In fact, it was so sterile looking that it almost 'hurt' the eyes to look at it.

Doctor Howards was escorting a young Ensign to the door when she noticed the Lieutenant Commander standing in the entrance to sickbay bay. As the two reached their superior officer the Ensign continued to the exit and Freeda offered a smile and greeting "Welcome to sickbay sir."

"Thank you Lieutenant" Kevin replied "I'm Lieutenant Commander Kilbane, I've recently been re-assigned here to the Lantau as Executive Officer so I thought I'd better check in with Medical so I can get formally registered on file and cleared for taking up my duties on board. Could I ask when would be the best time to come in and register?"

With out batting an eye Doctor Howards replied "If you have the time we can knock that out now sir?" She asked "or I can set up a time that is good for you, sir."

"Yes, I'm happy to do it just now" Kevin replied "I'd brought my medical information from my previous posting with me just in case" he added, handing the CMO a PADD.

"Much appreciated sir" Howards replied. She took the PADD with the information on it and gestured toward an empty bio bed. Freeda reviewed the information as the two made their way toward the bio bed.

"Your very welcome, it's always good to be able to get the official clearances done ASAP" Kevin replied, taking a seat on the offered bed. As he sat down he asked "So, how do you find the Medical department doctor, is it up to scratch, do you have everything you require or can we requisition other equipment or personnel for you?"

"The facilities are in perfect order, my staff is wonderful and i believe everything that I should need seems to be all here." she glanced back down at the padd in her hand. "Your medical records seem to be in orde, I'll have my head nurse transfer them into your file in the computer and then we can begin your physical."

"Ok" Kevin replied.

"Nurse Thompson, will you transfer Mister Kilbane's medical file from this padd into his file on the ships medical computer and bring me equipment drawer 241 please." said Freeda as she picked up a tricorder and opened it and took out the small medical scanner.

"Pulse is strong and steedy, blood pressure is a little high but nothing to be concerned about, electrolyte levels are well balanced, you sir are in perfect health." she gave him a genuine smile that was warm and comforting when she gave him the positive news about his health.

"My blood pressure being a little high could be accounted for by lack of protocol Doctor" Kevin said "When referencing a Senior officer, you never call them 'Mister' but by rank, in my case, that's 'Commander' Kilbane..." he said, then smiled to show he was just pulling her leg.

"There is one other thing Commander. Starfleet Medical has begun to implement a new system to help doctors and surgeons."

"Are you able to share what it is?" Kevin asked.

Pulling up a stool Freeda Howards sat down. "Its a new holographic system. I have a holographic scanner that would scan a paitents body all the way down to the subatomic levels and it would build a medical holographic representaion of the patient all the way up to thir current stature. In the event our medical tricorders are damaged we could fall back onto the holograms. I'll show you." raising her arm and standing back up Freeda Howards moved to the second bed beside the one Commander Kilbane was occupying. "Observe Commander."

"Computer, access Medical Holographic file Howards-54." A moment later a visage of the doctor began to materialize atom after atom on the biobed until an exact duplicate appeared before them.

"That's very interesting indeed Doctor Howards" Kevin said, already seeing new applications on what he was being shown. "Tell me, can these holographic images be transferred to different locations around the ship if we have holographic emitters?"

"Afraid not Commander. These holograms are tied strictly to the medical hologram systems and are solely used here in sickbay and the surgical units. Why do you ask?" Freeda was curious about why the commander wanted to know if they could be used elsewhere.

"It's purely a 'last resort' idea" Kevin began, "but I was thinking that if our ship were ever boarded, we could use the holograms as decoys to give the impression we have more crew than the invaders. I'm not saying that the holograms could fire or fight back, they'd only be a distraction that could buy the real crew a bit of time for whatever they needed it for" he finished.

"Im not sure it will work the way that you have invisioned Commander, these holograms are only supposed to be used in medical situations, not guerilla warefare, and believe me I understand what you are talking about." she thought for a moment. "What about the holograms that are used on the holodeck? Im sure the main computer could fancy up some imaginary crew members in the event of a take over."

"They can, however, in the case of the holodeck is taken off line for any reason, we could use a back up, and these medical holograms could be the answer for a back up as they're on a different system set up" Kevin answered "It's just a thought, we're always looking for a 'plan B' in situations" he finished.

"I'll see what I can do with them but don't expect a miracle Commander." Freeda began to tap away at her padd in her hands. "Anything else?"

"Well I would like to give you my thanks, and no, I'm not expecting miracles" Kevin said "I don't have anything else, if you feel I'm cleared for duty, then I'll be out of your hair" he finished with a smile.

"You are good to go Commander. And I will let you know what I find out about the holograms." she said as she returned the smile the Commander gave her.

"Thank you Doctor, and I look forward to hearing from about the holograms" Kevin replied as he got down from the bio bed and left.


This post was written by:

Lt. Freeda Howards (PNPC written by Captain Haught)
Chief Medical Officer (Interim)


Lt/Commander Kevin Kilbane
Executive Officer
USS Lantau


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