U.S.S. Lantau
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Meeting the captain

Posted on Sat Sep 2, 2017 @ 11:32pm by Lieutenant JG Andrew Mial & Captain Evelynn Haught

Mission: Delta Quadrant Transition
Location: Readyroom
Timeline: Premission

Andrew had been wandering the halls for a few days he had been passed medically fit for duty and his report was now logged into the ship's computer. This morning he had booked some time through the Captain's yeoman to see the Captain and get the final clearance needed to be ready for when the ship left Antares III for the Delta quardrant. He was looking forward to that, he knew it was dangerous for him to seperate Mial from symbiont pools incase of his death, but Mial had pushed him to join this crew. He was certain it was a blowback from Graadram, the second host but that's okay.


Andrew entered from the rear turbolift and came down the ramp from the upper deck turned left and pressed the chime.

Captain Evelynn Haught sat in her ready room finalizing the departure of the Lantau with the Antares III spacedock commanders when her door chime sounded.

"Enter." she said calling out.

As the Captain called out the door opened and Andrew walked in. "Good morning Captain, I am Lieutenant jg. Mial, your newly appointed Chief of Security and Tactical."

Captain Haught stood to meet the newly appointed Lieutenant. "Welcome aboard." she said as she held out her hand.

"Thank you Captain, many congratulations are in order for both of us I believe, in being the best class of ship to jump to the Delta quadrant to continue expansion over there." (Unless he isn't supposed to know yet?)

"Please have a seat. Can I get you anything to drink?" she asked as she always wanted to make anyone who came into her ready room comfortable and at home.

"A coffee would be nice! Ma'am" Andrew said.

"Computer, one coffee and one sweetened iced tea." said the Captain. The replicator buzzed and two drinks, one steaming hot and the other iced cold materialized before her. She grabbed the two beverages and headed back to her desk. "Here you go." said Evelynn as she placed the steaming cup down on her desk.

"Thank you ma'am, it is the first time that I met a commanding officer directly, though I am Chief now, so I should expect it I suppose."

"I hope your transfer wasn't to big of a surprise. Our last Chief was relieved of his duties due to a family situation and we needed a security Chief before we departed to the Delta Quadrant."

"Yes I must say it was something I thought over long and hard before accepting the position. Not many Joined Trill would risk going that far from the pools. The advantage here is Mial's second host was a bit of a thrill seeker. Sometimes I don't think he gets what will happen if I die in the Delta quadrant."

"I see." said the captain. She had a feeling that the Trill Symbiosis Commission wouldn't allow joined trills to be assigned to very deep space missions do to what her new Chief of Security had just mentioned. "I think we have one or two other Trills on board who aren't joined so if something were to happen to you you'd have nothing to worry about. I mean the symbiont of course."

"Well I wasn't planning on dying soon Ma'am. In fact I plan on returning with Mial well before the need to become just a memory of his. oh and of course protecting this crew while I do it, though it is good to know that there are other Trills on the crew!" Andrew said with a smile.

The Captain realized what she had just said and became embarrassed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said to sound morbid in any way." she had completely made an ass of herself for the first time.

"It is okay Captain, Mial is better at morbidity than I am. but I am a joker anyway. It seems you missed it, plus I seem to think a blushing woman helps with their beauty. Ma'am!" Mial laughed openly this time to release the tension.

"Why thank you. Now lets get back to business shall we?" she said with a bit more seriousness and professionalism. "As the new Security/Tactical Chief what are your plans for the department in its entirety?" Once she listened to what Mial had to say she would let him know about what his predecessor did and what he left behind for her just to keep him in the loop.

Serious now Mail replied, "I plan on going through the new team finding their best abilities and assigning them that helps develop those. I have a lot of both officer and senior and junior sailors to get through but I will run them all through. Dependant on how long we have before we set sail captain I will run them through the different areas on the holodeck before we leave if not I shall do it on the fly."

Starfleet had already given Evelynn their orders but she was under strict orders not to discuss them until the ship launched.

"I hope it's soon as well Lieutenant. Oh and one more thing and this is for your ears only. Not even the XO is to know about this. Am I clear?" she said with a bit of sternness in her voice.

Andrew was quick in response, "Understood Ma'am tell no one gotcha." He had been told a few things in confidence, there was a myriad of reasons that the captain had just asked for the strictest confidence.

"There is a create down in cargo bay 2 that is coded my access codes. I would like it placed in a secure location. It's contents are a gift and I don't have room for a create of its size in my quarters."

"Yes Captain. Right away Ma'am." Andrew said "I'll find a good place for it."

"Also the XO and I were given a one time one use access code in the event of a computer take over by a hostile enemy. It was written by your predecessor Lt. Sharpe before he left. An ingenious design I must say. What it does is it possiblebreaks the enemies control over our computers and gives us the ability to regain computer control and lock them out."

"A useful man. I had been working on something similar on my last ship, Ma'am, in this situation I am sure it will be very handy. I hope it will never be needed but I am glad there is something there, just in case." Mial said with a smile.

"Same here. Well now. look at the time. I have an appointment with the new counselor." said Evelynn as she stood up. "Thank you for taking care of my cargo."

"All part of the job Ma'am" Andrew said "Look at the time I have to get to another Holodeck training session to get to so it can get started."


This post was written by:

Captain Evelynn Haught

Lieutenant jg Andrew Mial
Chief Tactical & Security Officer


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Seeing the Sawbones.
Posted on Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am
Stardate 69608.54

Location: En-Route to "The Dead Zone"
Speed: Impulse -> Warp 3
Shields: 100%
Hull: 100%
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