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Check Up

Posted on Sat Sep 23, 2017 @ 6:34pm by Lieutenant JG Freeda Howards & Ensign Rostra Tang

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Primary Medical

With the sleeping arrangements of her quarters now dealt with, and the understanding that a proper set of beds would be waiting for her when she returned, the resident Dalacari decided that rather then put it off any longer, it was time to continue her tour of her new home-away-from-home. Off to Medical.

It took a moment for her to process it as just 'Medical'. The starships back home had a primary and a secondary Medical wing, but here it seemed there was just the one. Odd, but then she realized just who she was thinking about, and how they conducted their architecture, and it actually made her giggle. As both twins let out a giggle for almost no real reason, the turbolift doors swished open and the Dalacari padded out. A few hallways and left turns later, and the twins found herself at the doors to the Pri... to Medical.

Medical Proper. Maybe that'd slip off the tongues easier. The pair walked in, and turned to the head nurse on duty with a pair of smiles. Smiles, but she was careful not to show teeth. She recalled in her studies that a surprisingly high percentage of singular Alpha-Quadrant based life evolved from omnivorous stock, whereas the Dalacari evolved from a predatory stock. So no teeth.

"Hello." one of the twins started off with the universal greeting. Well, the universal greeting that always seemed to work. Ninnybong indeed.

"I'm Ensign Rostra Tang, part of the Science division. Just looking to get my transfer entrance physical out of the way sooner rather than later. I don't need..." and she stopped talking. Just silence. Done.

Her twin, however, picked up the baton of the conversation as easily as breathing, "... the head Medic chasing me down or issuing a summons or something drastic. Plus this will let me make sure your records of Dalacari physiology are up to standard."

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Doctor Andrews noticed the twins and the nurse standing in the entrance to sickbay and thought he would see if he could assist. After all he had never met anyone quite like the two. As the Lieutenant approached he smiled and offered a greeting "Doctor Andrews."

He shot a smile to the nurse "I've got it from here" he said with a smile, seeing she was carrying supplies.

The pair offered the doctor a smile each, careful not to show fangs as usual. "Hello Doctor." one said, while the other offered a hand in the semi-universal physical motion of greeting: the handshake.

"I'm Rostra Tang, a member of the science team aboard the Lantau. As the resident Dalacari, I wanted to make sure that your records on my people were..."

"... up to par, not to mention try to set a Federation record for shortest time between embarkation and medical check in." the pair shifted focus of the conversation flawlessly and effortlessly. It wasn't even second nature for her, perhaps more a trick of her biology.

Doctor Andrews shook the offered hand "Doctor Korin Andrews" he said with a smile and slight pause. "You may just set that record Ensign" he giggled slightly "I've never met a Dalacari."

"That's a statement you can no longer make." she informed him with a giggle of her own, issued from each twin. "A Dalacari is a binary lifeform. We evolved from one of the more interesting and aggressive predators on..."

"... Dalacar. Nasty little bundle of teeth known as the Narada Vash, roughly translated to 'Fog of Teeth'. They're a lanky but aggressive quadrupedal predator that..."

"... forms a sort of group empathy, a cloud mind if you would. If one of the group is surprised by an ambush, the entire swarm comes to their aid. It's dreadfully efficient, I have videos..."

"... if you're every curious. Well, fast forward a few thousand generations, and each individual member of the cloud starts getting a little smarter. As the group grows in intellect..."

"... the actual number in the cloud diminishes. After a while we're walking and using tools and then there's just two units in each cloud." a pause, and the pair did a little motion where they gestured to each other, "And that's where we are today." each twin took their part in the conversation in casual stride, the shift back and forth between the two was seamless. If you were to close your eyes and listen, the only thing to tip off that there was a second speaker would be the position shift in the source of her voice.

Each half of Rostra Tang smiled, "There's no *us*, there's no *we*. There's just an *I* here. I... am Rostra Tang." one spoke, while each motioned to themselves, while that gentle smile remained. "I'm trying to condition myself not to show teeth when I smile. I've read that species that don't evolve from predatory stock have an instinctive concern when shown teeth."

He was slightly in awe as he listened to the pair as they gave the information. The Lieutenant was fascinated and wanted to learn as much as he could, as a Doctor and Scientist. He also wanted to get to know his fellow crewman and possibly make friends. "No that would make you many friends" he said with a quick smile.

She kept the smiles going, while one of the pair motioned to the inside of Medical proper. "Shall we begin the physical?"

Giving a nod "have a seat on bio bed one" the Doctor said as he made his way over to grab a tricorder.

The pair made their way to the indicated biobed, and one of the twins hopped up onto it. "My medical records should be on the system but, as you can guess, I prefer to be thorough." the one on the biobed said with a nod.

"The Center for Personal Wellness and Well Being on Dalacar is rather complete with their record keeping." the standing Dalacari mentioned.

Doctor Freeda Howards walked out of the office. "Doctor Andrews had an important transmission that he had to deal with and has asked me to finish up your physical. He's briefed me a little bit and your records have been uploaded into our medical systems. Is there anything we need to know before we begin?" Freeda had always been an ask questions first and scan later kinda person.

The seated Rostra gave Doctor Howards a quick once over. New face, new voice, so a new entry into the mental rolodex. "I'm allergic to pain, and rich dark chocolate makes me unable to speak for moments at a time?" she joked with a pair of smiles. It was the standing one that spoke next, "I don't think there's anything I can think of that you would NEED to know outside the medical records. Do you have any questions for me?"

"I don't know. I've never met a member of your species before but I'm just not quite sure where to start. Maybe we can talk about that after your physical." said Freeda. She walked over to the one on the bio-bed and opened the tricorder.

From the medical records Rostra's heartrate, reserations, blood pressure and lymphosides were all within the norm according to their records. "Everything looks good. I don't see anything out of the ordinary."

"It's a relief to hear that. Thank you doctor." the seated one smiled as the standing twin spoke. "If there's nothing else at the moment then, I should be getting to my station."

"Though, let me know if I can be of any assistance." the seated twin now spoke. "Our divisions should be working hand in hand, after all."

Freeda smiled. ”I look forward to it. You can return to duty." Freeda gathered up the medical equipment and walked over to the counter and began placing their specific places.


This post was written by:

Lt. Freeda Howards (PNPC by Capt. Haught)
Chief Medical Officer


Ensign Rostra Tang
Asst. Chief Science Officer


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Seeing the Sawbones.
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