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Posted on Mon Sep 4, 2017 @ 1:10am by Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr & Captain Evelynn Haught & Lieutenant Debbie Larson & Lieutenant MuRiel & Lieutenant JG Andrew Mial & Lieutenant JG T'Brei X'AndromedaT'PauSolkar & Lieutenant JG Johnny Walker & Lieutenant JG Freeda Howards

Mission: Delta Quadrant Transition
Location: Conference Lounge, Deck 1
Timeline: Current

Everything was finally coming together for the USS Lantau and her crew. Kevin had gotten word from the Captain that their briefing was being finalised and to gather all the senior staff for a briefing.

Entering the conference lounge, he made his way up to the top end of the table and stopped beside what he was now considering the XO's chair, immediately to the right hand side of the CO's chair.

Tapping his COMM badge he said "Lieutenant Commander Kilbane to all Senior staff, please make your way immediately to the conference lounge on deck one for a briefing from the Captain."

Closing that link and opening a new one, he said "Captain Haught, the Senior staff have been called for the briefing as per your orders, I'll message you again once they're all here, Kilbane out."

Doctor T'Brei, rose from her desk, picked up her briefing PADD and made her way to the Senior Officer brief in Deck One's Conference Lounge. She walked into the lift and commanded the computer to deck one. Soon, the lift stopped and the door opened, she stepped out onto Deck one's corridor and made her way down to Conference Lounge. As she entered she nodded politely to the other's gathering, she found her chair and took a seat. She poured a water from the pitcher into a glass and sipped it. Then she read over her PADD, looking through her work and other things.

Lieutenant Mial was in the holodeck on a simulation of the bridge practicing on his bridge duties of his new role. He had practice on the bridge console but not as the permanent shift officer on board. He was surprised he had only been out of the academy a few years he actually hadn't been expecting to get the position, as soon as he knew he had he started boning up on the tactical console again. =^=Lieutenant Mial, I'm on my way Commander Kilbane.=^= Response sent he left the holodeck and the image fizzled out of reality. A few minutes later he can in and went to get himself a gas of water and seeing there were no drinks on the table he sent for enough for senior staff and a pitcher of water to join them on a tray. He Came and set them on the table taking one and pouring his drink.

Walker was going through the latest intel reports that Starfleet had sent him and while they were the typical dry content, he found the information quite interesting. When the call to the mission briefing came in, it took him a minute to sink in that he had to finish reading the reports in a couple of hours. A few minutes late, he strode into the briefing room and looked around the room. "Good day all, how's everyone?" He greeted as he took his seat.

MuRiel was the next to enter. Her mech made its way inside with methodical, precise movements. Once it has taken its place the chest plating folded open, allowing the Lantau's littlest officer egress. The Qwi took her place on the machine's shoulder, offering a little wave to the assembled officers.

"Morning everyone." Debbie said as she entered the conference room and planted a steaming mug of tea on the desk as she sat down, she'd just came from running last minute checks making 100% certain nothing would go wrong this time.

Freeda Howards walked into the conference room and sat down at the opposite end of where the captain sat. looking around she began to study the faces of the crew that she would be spending a lot of time with.

[main Bridge]

After finishing up with the Spacedock personnel and getting clearances to depart Evelynn made her way to the conference room via the bridge with a brief stop at the helm.

"Ensign Johnston, take us out of spackdock nice and slow. Aft thrusters. Port and Starboard at station keeping. Once you've cleared the outer marker inform me when we are ready to enter slipstream. I'll be in the conference room with the rest of the Senior staff."

Ensign Roberto Johnston looked up from the helm and nodded to the captain. "You got it Cap'in." he said with a heavy thick Texas accent.

Evelynn dismissed herself from the bridge giving a quick nod to the duty officer before entering the conference room to join the rest of her staff.

[Conference Room]

Entering the conference room Evelynn sat down at the head of the table and pointed out the window. "I figured I would get us underway while we're in here discussing our mission." Evelynn said as the ship began to slowly maneuver out of spacedock.

As one of the youngest offices aboard the ship to hold a department command Mail nodded and smiled. It was good to know after so many arguments with the Symbiosis Commission about going to the Delta Quadrant he was thankful to be on the way there.

Doctor T'Brei, listened to the officer's and the mission objective. She made notes in her PAD and reflected upon the conversation, and the continued discussions. She remained focused on her part of the mission and listened intently.

"I want to apologize to everyone here about keeping you all in the dark about our mission but I was under the strictest orders from Starfleet not to discuss it until we were underway to the Delta Quadrant, and as you can see we're already underway." punching in a few commands Evelynn brought up a current map of the Delta Quadrant. "Starfleet is sending us into Borg Space. The Iota Station has gotten some unusual readings and wants Starfleet to bring in a ship that would be more than capable of dealing with them in case of an encounter."

"The Borg" Kevin said with no particular emotion in his voice "that's going to be a tough nut first assignment for us, but, given we'll have time before we get to the Delta Quadrant, we can run plenty of simulations and practice drills."

He turned to the Security Chief and said "Lieutenant Mial, once we're done with the briefing, I'd like you to start practice drills ASAP with your teams. I'll join you as soon as I can to see how things are progressing."

"Interesting, I will brush up on borg tech." Debbie said, borg tech was considerably more advanced than she was used to but there had been an extensive course on it at the academy.

"Borg." Starfleet's tiniest officer whispered with a shudder. The Qwi really didn't like the prospect of this. "I will doublecheck all our sensors, update the firmwares with the latest anti-borg runtimes, prepare frequency shifting subroutines - goddess, so much to prepare for."

"I have been running my team through a number of scenarios that we may have been likely to face Commander, now that I know we are facing a Borg threat I shall work them into the scenarios." Mial said honoured that the first officer still wanted to work in security.

"Very good Lieutenant" Kevin said to Lt/jg Mial. Turning back to the Captain he asked "Do we know if Iota Station have had any reports about unusual activity that can be linked to a Borg resurgence Sir?"

"There have been some strange activity in the area two sectors away from Iota Station on the edge of known Borg Space. They've sent probes but they've all been captured or destroyed after entering the sector." just then her combadge chirped.

"Captain Haught, we are ready for slip-stream." came the voice of the helm Officer Ensign Roberto Johnson.

"Take us to the Delta Quadrant Ensign." said Evelynn as she turned her attention back to her senior officers.

Andrew Mial took a deep breath. Looking around he recognised he wasn't the only then he said, "Sounds like a Borg resurgence to me, unless someone else is destroying the probes of course."

Kevin turned to the Chief of Security and said "Don't make assumptions like that when you have no proof Lieutenant, best we investigate and find out if there's proof to let us know one way or the other."

Going back to the Captain again he said "Sir, may I suggest that we finish up this briefing so each department can make itself ready for that investigation that we'll be making once we get to the co-ordinates in the Delta Quadrant."

"Very well. We should arrive in the Delta Quadrant the day after tomorrow. If this truely is the Borg we have our work cut out for us. Dismissed." the captain got up from her chair and headed out onto the bridge to begin her shift.

Kevin immediately stood up and said "ROOM!", expecting every other officer to stand up and come to attention as the Captain adjourned the meeting, stood up themselves and left the lounge to return to the bridge.

At the call MuRiel stood up to her full height. All eight inches of it.

Debbie stood and the second the Captain had left she bolted from the room, if they were going to slipstream she wanted to get down to the slipstream core to monitor it.

Andrew bounced up to attention as the Captain left, he thought okay I guess sitting at attention isn't going to happen here. As soon as it appropriate he left for the bridge as well.

Johnny stood, coming to attention. As soon as the captain left, he headed to the door and beelined to his office to go back over the borg related files he'd received.


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