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Security here security there security everywhere

Posted on Tue Oct 17, 2017 @ 11:37pm by Lieutenant JG Andrew Mial & Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant JG Addison MacKenzie

Mission: Vivere aut non vivere ...
Location: Holodecks
Timeline: Current

Mail had been flittering from place to place doing random check when he wasn't on his bridge shift. The rest of his department was spending a lot of training hours in the holodecks preparing for whatever was happening in the Dead zone. Starfleet had called the zone that because they could get no information out of it. The Borg was a large threat, in the area, there were other smaller threats but the main one that the Voyager had found was by far the Borg. So most of security's holodeck hours were on defending against The Borg and a couple of the larger minor threats. As he thought that he entered Holodeck 1 and the team was filled with science and security juniors pouring over a simulation of the message that was sent by the USS Clip after the incident.

CWO Cole looked up as Lieutenant Mial came into the holodeck. It was important that the Security teams showed that they were coping with the Borg program, so he pushed his team hard.

Mial watch for a while as Cole pushed the team hard to investigate the problem that the USS Clip had suffered. He was hoping that either this team working in the Holodeck or the actual team in science got a positive answer from the Clip before getting involved it the actual search.

He didn't stick around for long before moving to Holodeck two. In here he found mainly Security and a few medical running a Borg invasion program, he checked the safeties on the deck and realised the were on so the Borg could injure but the could not assimilate or kill the crew. he decided to join the team in this training exercise. "Computer freeze program so Lieutenant Mial may join and get prepared."

The security team all looked pleased to have the Chief Joining them in repelling the Borg invasion, Two of them and one Medic lay on the ground cocooned by the safeties. "Were they badly injuried or assimilated?" Andrew asked so he knew where their debriefing would need to go.

"The medic was assimilated from behind as the two security were in front of her." A security crewman apprentice said. "They forgot the first rule of dealing with HoloBorg that if your going to put all you weapons to the front make sure your in a corner so they can't pop up behind you."

"Tsk Tsk" Andrew looked over the crew in the Holodeck and said "Well the standing order of this sort of scenario is that your supposed to be in here running with at least two NCO's so you have that information readily at hand to remind you. Who's Idea was it to run one without proper authority?"

The Crewman Apprentice's all looked around and shuffled their feet.

One of the young medical crewman did his best to avoid making eye contact with any of the others. He had been invited by one of his friends in security, and he didn't think it was right to throw her under the bus.

The security crewman that had invited her young friend was glad at the moment that he was watching his toes was happy she was then she said "Sir some of the medical Crewmen are here at our invitation, in fact they all are, we don't really need them here with the safety protocols of the Holodeck. I thought it might be a more realistic invasion program if we had something real to protect." She reached out to tech her friends hand and hoped that Lieutenant Mial didn't notice.

Of course he (Mial) did but why break up something that could be good for both of them. He smiled and said "Thank you Crewman Dent, for your honesty." Elaine Dent, well trained and highly decorated in her three years as a security enlisted. He would keep his eye on her she may well want a recommendation to the distance officer training.

After a few minutes they all, security and medical, pointed at the first to have opened his mouth.

Andrew growled and said "Young man you and I shall have words about this later. You countermanded the standing orders by coming as a group of leaderless crewmen." He thought about it for a minute. "Computer End program on authority Mial Alpha six seven Bravo."

The Borg invasion concluded the stasis wrapped Crewmen were revived. As that happened the holodeck changed to a replica of his office. "Ladies and gentlemen, get used to the look of this room. If I or any of my officer walk in with you running that scenario again you will be seeing the real one. Some of you got got badly injured and probably suffered a scare Make sure you present to medical and the counselor to deal with any problems. Dismissed!"

Kevin had come into the Holodeck to check up on how things were going with the Security scenario's, as he'd entered, he caught the conversation the Chief of Security had had with the crewmen. He didn't want to interrupt at that point, so had waited till the crewmen were dismissed before he approached the Chief.

Walking over to the Chief he said "What's your readiness report Lt Mial, how is the training going?"

"Ah Commander Sanquhar welcome Sir. I have one running on holodeck one with science and security NCO's and crewman working on a simulation of the message from USS Clip sir, and I just closed this one down for breach of protocols as they should be running with at least some NCO's as well to watch over and make sure they are safe. They were running and invasion program, they were holding them off so other than having no Ranked leaders to take control if things got out of hand they were doing very well too." Andrew responded to commander Sanquhar's request for a report on current standing.

Kevin listened to the report before smiling and replying "Actually it's Commander Kilbane, Lieutenant Mial. Sanquhar is my families birth place and where we hold our seat. It's an easy mistake to make, you're not the first and you won't be the last to say it. Don't be to hard on the crewman, they were trying to show initiative. If anything, look to see who it was who was showing leadership in the scenario, 'they' are the ones you want to seek and nurture. I'm not saying be lenient, being Chief of Security means walking a fine line between encouraging, strengthening and kicking arse!"

"Yes sir I concur on watching for and encouraging leadership, but in this situation a mistake was made that likely wouldn't have been if the was an NCO onsite. Oh and apologies about mistaking your name, Commander." Lieutenant Mial was happy that he brought that up in the Holodeck rather than an official meeting.

Kevin nodded and replied "Think nothing of it Lieutenant. Right, I must check up with the other departments to make sure they're ready, carry on" he finished and made his way out of the holodeck.

Mial thought about the Commander Kilbane had said, then he thought *Okay lets see how they do.* "Computer examiners desk by the arch" As he said it the computer put the desk almost exactly where he wanted it, the he turned to the crewmen and said "Well Ladies and gentlemen, this time your going to do it again, try to remember the rules for your own safety, if you get separated, and your going to put all your weapons to the front please make sure your in a corner where the Borg can't attack you from behind."


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Seeing the Sawbones.
Posted on Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am
Stardate 69608.54

Location: En-Route to "The Dead Zone"
Speed: Impulse -> Warp 3
Shields: 100%
Hull: 100%
Systems: 100%