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Changing Hands

Posted on Tue Nov 21, 2017 @ 12:36am by Captain Evelynn Haught

Mission: TFCO 37 Posts
Location: Iota Command

John looked at his shoulder in the mirror still trying to get used to the new pips. The last time he had had so much brass weighing him down he was a Marine and so this was a first for him. Of course with his new brass it meant that somebody else would have to fill in the role of 37's Commanding Officer and he had just the person in mind. Sitting himself down at his desk he opened a line to the Lantau.

[USS Lantau - Captain's Ready Room]

Captain Evelynn Haught sat at her desk working on the background of the USS Clip. She had been at it for the last four hours when her comm channel beeped.

"Captain. Incoming transmission from an Admiral Thompson." came the youthful voice of the Gamma shift operations officer Ensign Gerard Franks.

Putting her work aside Evelynn tapped her commbadge. "Put him through Ensign."

"Captain how are things on board the Lantau?" John asked having recently commandeered their XO to the Galileo.

"We are having a little trouble finding the Clip but we've launched probes to help us find her. This area of space sure is troublesome." she said.

"You'll find them Captain. Plus you might have a little bit of extra motivation for it once you hear why I'm calling," Thompson added.

Evelynn sat up a little straighter in her chair. Curiousity fell over her face. The last time an Admiral gave her a call was to let her know that she was asked to replace Captain Reynolds on the Makalu.

She cleared her throat. "So Admiral, what is it that I can do for you?" she asked.

"Well my recent promotion has left a vacancy here in the Delta Quadrant and it 37's Commanding Officers chair can't be left empty for long." He sat back in his own chair taking a breath before proceeding. "Anyway both Starfleet Command and I wanted someone who was already out here and who can adapt to changes quickly. You are my first port of call Captain."

"Me?" she said somewhat stunned. "You want me to take over for you here in the Delta Quadrant?" Evelynn Haught certainly was caught off guard.

"I do," the Admiral replied plainly. "You've shown when you took up your command here you could handle change well and adjust quickly which is what we need, not to mention you've a lot more experience than a lot of folks out here."

Evelynn thought for a moment. "I am honored to take over for you sir. And may I just say that your promotion is well deserved as well."

"Thank you and you deserve it as well Captain. Recently I've been focusing on making our position here more self reliant since we rely on a very vulnerable method of resupplying ourselves." He held his hands up, "But as they say its now your show."

"Is there anything else I need to be aware of? Starship missions, enemy activities, Admiral banquets I need to attend?" Evelynn knew the last one would be somewhat hard to attend but decided to it it in there just the same.

"The Hephaistos recently attacked the Hirogen base where they were raiding transports from and through a series of shenanigans we now have partial control of it," he informed the new TFCO. "I've negotiated it's use for us as part of a sensor net covering that section of space."

"Is there anything I need to do in any official capacity?" Evelynn wanted to make sure she wasn't thrown into the so called fire after being promoted to Task Force CO.

"At the moment your plate is clear other than the coordination of our local ships. I'm going to be staying in Iota Command since it means Command can't pester about nonsense they can handle themselves," he added. "So Are you ready Captain?"

"As ready as I'll ever be. And once again. Thank you for considering me." Evelynn said.

"Excellent," John said beaming as he opened up the console in front of him. "In that case there. I hearby transfer the flag for Task Force 37 to the USS Lantau and promote you Captain Haught to Task Force Commanding Officer. Congratulations."

It was done. Captain Evelynn Haught's career had changed and now she was not quite sure how to handle herself. Looking back at the man before her she smiled briefly and then became professional again. "I won't let you down sir."

"I know you won't. And if you need me you know where to find me. Good luck both on your mission and in this new post Captain. Thompson out," The Admiral finished closing the channel and leaving the Captain to her thoughts.

Evelynn sat back in her chair after the Admiral signed off. She was now the commander in charge of a whole Task Force.

"Computer begin Task Force Commander's log..."


A post written by:

Admiral John Thompson
Chief of Fleet Operations
NPC played by Capt. Warrington


Captain Evelynn Haught
Task Force 37 Commanding Officer
USS Lantau CO


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