U.S.S. Lantau
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Touring the new engine room

Posted on Sat Aug 5, 2017 @ 12:34am by Captain Evelynn Haught & Ensign Corrinne Haught & Lieutenant Debbie Larson & Chief Petty Officer Donald Andrews

Mission: Delta Quadrant Transition
Location: Main Engineering

Captain Evelynn Haught left her ready room after her meeting with the new first officer. Deciding she needed to get to familiarize herself with the new ship Evelynn decided to start in main engineering.

Stepping into the turbolift she gave the computer her destination request "Main Engineering." as the lift doors closed she closed her eyes and listened to the humming of the lift as it moved throughout the ship towards where she wanted to go.


"Donald, get me a coil spanner." Debbie said and stuck her hand out of the hatch to take the tool. "And I need an optronic coupler and two sierra-2 relays."

"Ok chief." Donald stood and headed to an equipment locker to get the tools Debbie had called for. Out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of the Captain coming through the main doors.

Corrinne was working at a nearby console when she too noticed her mother. "Looking for the chief Captain?" she asked as she refraind from calling out mother while on duty.

"I was taking my own self guided tour and figured I would stop by here first." she looked around. "Impressive engine room."

"Here you are chief." Donald knelt infront of the hatch and passed the tools through. "The Captain is here, not sure what she's in for. She's talking with her daughter right now.

"Ok" Debbie said back as she took the tools. "Can you and Corrinne keep her busy for a few more minutes? I'm nearly done here."

"Sure thing Lt."

Corrinn looked over the engine room with her mother. "Its a lot bigger than the one on the Makalu, and its more sophisticated."

"Sophisticated? How so?" Evelynn asked asn she turned around.

"We have what only a handful of ships in the fleet have Captain." Donald joined the conversation. "A quantum slipstream drive and the most powerful computer possible so far."

She had heard about the quantum slipstream drive. "I've heard of the quantum slipstream drive. The USS Voyager brought information back with them when they returned from their time in the Delta Quadrant, am I right?"

"That's correct Captain." Donald answered. "It took a lot of time but the SCE eventually managed to get them to work properly and build enough to put on a few ships. We're lucky to have one."

"So what does Lt. Larson think of the engine room? And speaking of the Lieutenant, isn't she on duty?" asked the captain looking around for her Chief Engineer.

"She is just finishing a job in the jefferies tube over there." Donald motioned to the hatch.

"I hope it's nothing too drastic, specially this being a new ship." Evelynn said as she continually looked around admiring "her" ship.

Donald shook his head. "Just getting the ship to run the way she likes it I beleive."

"Engineer's are always like that. I find it appealing. I mean what kind of engineer would want to keep a ship the same way when it comes off the production line." Evelynn said.

"We humans do like adding a personal touch to things." Donald remarked, out of the corner of his eye he saw Debbie crawling out of the jefferies tube. "All finished Lieutenant?"

Debbie strolled over. "Yes, good morning Captain."

"Good morning Lt. I was just telling your engineers here that I was on my own little self guided tour and decided to stop by Engineering first. What do you think of the new ship?" the captain was now over near the warpcore. "Beautiful."

"She is definitely packed with advanced technology." Debbie replied. "This quantum slipstream drive is certainly new to me, I've read about them but never seen one."

"Im sure you will get a good chance to get to know it." she said still admiring the standard warpcore. She had seen many warpcores in her life but for some reason the one on the Lantau mesmerized her with all the different colors.

"So Captain." Debbie said as she showed Evelynn around. "How long after we got back to the starbase did you know we were going to be assigned to a new ship?"

"To be honest, once we started approaching the starbase was when I found out that we were all being transferred, all except Commander Micheals. She's been given another assignment." said Evelynn.

Debbie hesitated for a second, she knew what she wanted to say but didn't think Evelynn would appreciate the tone of it. "So you let me work my backside off fixing the Makalu so we can get out doing our job again only to find out as I'd nearly finished that we would all be transferring to a totally new ship."

"I'll be candid with you Lieutenant. Some captain's would have dressed you down for asking a question like that but to be quite frank you should contact Admiral Harper and ask her that question. I was expecting to take the Makalu to the Delta Quadrant. I wasn't expecting a transfer to a fresh off the line Century class starship," she said waving her arms about indicating the brand new ship. " but starfleet had their orders and as a member of starfleet I followed them, just like everyone else on this ship.'

"I would have liked to take the Makalu there too, she's a good ship." Debbie said breathing the smallest sigh of relief that Evelynn hadn't dressed her down. "Still this ship is a good one too and me running all this advanced technology is certainly a jump from an Excelsior and Nebua class, not many junior officers get things this good."

"True and there really aren't that many junior officers in charge of a big department such as engineering." Evelynn reached into her pocket and pulled out a small box. "While I was taking to Admiral Harper, she asked me to pass this along to you. Catch!" Evelynn said as she tossed the small box to her Chief Engineer.

Easily catching the small box Debbie held it for a few seconds, she didn't know Admiral Harper so wasn't sure why she'd given her something; unless. she opened the box and was pleasantly suprised to see a second golden pip. "Well, I never expected that." she simply said.

"Your promotion came through. You are no longer a Junior Officer." Evelynn gave her newest Lt. a smile. "Congrats."

"Thank you Captain." Debbie quickly removed the Junior grade pip from her collar and replaced it with the new gold pip.

"Well I'll let you all get back to work. I'm heading to Sickbay on my next stop on the tour of the ship. I hear through the grapevine that our new doctor has arrived." Evelynn turned toward the turbolift.

"hhmm, I should probably go and see him myself." Debbie said as Evelynn began to leave. "Goodbye Captain."

Evelynn nodded her farewells to the engineering crew and made her way to her next destination.


This post was written by:

Captain Evelynn Haught

Lt. Debbie Larson
Chief Engineer

Ensign Corrinne Haught (PNPC - Terris)

Chief Petty Officer Donald Andrews (PNPC - Larson)



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Seeing the Sawbones.
Posted on Sun Sep 10, 2017 @ 11:07am
Stardate 69608.54

Location: En-Route to "The Dead Zone"
Speed: Impulse -> Warp 3
Shields: 100%
Hull: 100%
Systems: 100%